Best Insurance Company – Tips to find one : Choosing the type of insurance and the right insurance company are equally important. Insurance has become part of everyone’s expense today either directly or indirectly. We, the humans don’t know when we die or what happens when. Though most people look at insurance as an investment, I recommend you not to look at it that way. It is an assurance for your family or dependents. The more you love your dear ones (or your assets), the more you might think of insuring for them. Whether it be health, commercial, dental, auto or home insurance, choose the best insurance company. After all you wanted to have peace of mind.

Choosing the best insurance policy and best insurance company are two different things. The more secured and branded the company is the lesser the chances of getting high sum assured income (most cases). More Risk, More Money. Read the same statement in other way – More Money, More Risk. Though the phrase ‘Best Insurance Company’ differs from person to person and the requirements, let us discuss what are the things you need to look into while choosing a ‘best’ insurance company for you.

1. Your Objective

The first thing you need to consider in choosing the best insurance company is yourself. What is your primary objective in choosing an insurance? Try to understand different components of an insurance policy and understand what are needed for you and which are not. This looks like a common and simple suggestion but most people do not do this. Better write down on a paper (this helps more than casual calculations) and analyze the price you are going to pay, benefits and risk involved. The better you can decide on your objectives the better you can choose the right insurance company for you.

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2. Online Insurance Comparisons

There are few websites which can help you finding and comparing the insurance companies and their policies. DO a little bit of research about the background of the company, their market trends, recovery rate etc. This should be done before an insurance agents appear on your front door. Most insurance agents can make you convinced about their company as the best in the market showing only the positives. Be aware. Be prepared.

Insurance Companies Customer Complaints : Also, check the ratio of customer complaints of each company. What is the primary reason for most of the complaints? Is the company prompt is solving those? Are they repeating the same mistakes they have done earlier? The lesser the complaint ratio, the more you can consider the company.

3. Know the Insurance Agents

There are 2 types of insurance agents – captive and independent. Captive insurance agents work for only one insurance company while the independent ones work for several. Check with him whether he is captive or independent one and why. It can give you an insight about his confidence on the company. Get into a friendly conversation with him first. It can make him feel more comfortable and can guide you better in choosing a policy.

4. Insurance Benefits Comparison

Every policy differs in coverage and benefits in its own way. Below are the factors you should consider.- amount of money the company pays in case of risks/accidents

– cost of co-pay, out-of-pocket limit and cost for deductible

– actual price of the insurance, tax related details and other hidden costs

– suitability and applicability for your needs

Final Words

Read the agreement carefully. If required, ask the agent to explain in detail. Ask for the available offers or discounts. Always double check their rules and regulations. Check their website, customer care info etc before hand. More importantly be sure about their * (conditions apply) marks.

By Ram

12 thoughts on “Top 4 Tips to Choose Best Insurance Company”
  1. I loved when you said that the first thing to consider when looking for an insurance company is your objective or why do you need one. It makes sense that doing this can help you make a list of things you need and allow you to know exactly which company to work with. I would want to remember to take my time and consult with several companies so I can find the one I can rely on and that can hep me reduce stress.

  2. Very Good Read! To all those who have jumped directly into the comment section, do give a read! The blog is perfectly written!

  3. It was very nice when you said that prior to buying an insurance policy, it is best to consider first the things that are important for the person as that will help them decide. I am pretty sure my sister has already figured out the kind of insurance that she wants, but I will still share this with her. She lives in a place where storms are normal, so I think she wants something related to disasters. Thank you for sharing.

  4. It sure was helpful when you said that prior to choosing an insurance company, the person must consider first the type of insurance they want. I guess that is because different companies offer varying types of insurance policies. I will mention this to my sister though I am pretty sure that she is looking for a home insurance company who offers coverage protection against natural disasters. Thank you for sharing.

  5. It sure is nice to know that one should consider the ratio of customer complaints as well as the policies of home insurance agencies when choosing one for your home. My wife and I decided to have our home insured but we don’t know how to choose the best one for us. With this in mind, I’ll certainly check relevant information first before getting in touch with a home insurance agent.

  6. I do appreciate you suggesting making a comparison prior to buying an insurance policy as the policies differ in their coverage and benefit. If that is true, then I should look for an insurance coverage that covers flood. After all, we live in an area near water, and it can flood during rainstorms. Thanks!

  7. I liked how you mentioned considering different factors before choosing an insurance coverage as each policy covers different materials. I will be sure to discuss this with my mom as I do not know what she wants. In order to get the insurance that is perfect for the house, it is best that we know what is important. Thanks!

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  9. Thank you for explaining that every insurance policies have their benefits and coverage, so it is best to determine first our needs and make a comparison to see what will work best with us. I will have to discuss this with my husband since we have not really talked about the insurance policy that we will get. There was even a time when I learned that the purpose of the insurance policy is different for him and for me. We really need to talk about this first.

  10. Thanks for the tips on choosing the best insurance company for your needs. I agree that you really want to be getting quotes from different insurance companies so you can compare it. My sister is looking for insurance for her first car and she isn’t sure of where to start; I will be sure to share this with her.

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